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Hubbartt Map 5 13A map of the journey Scott's Trip 011The journey began in the tiny hamlet of Chepen de Salpo.  The town church is shown across the grassy Plaza de Armas.    Scott's Trip 033Picture taken on day one, within the first few hours of my walk, just below the edge of the Puna. Scott's Trip 034 Another photo from just below the edge of the Puna. The canyons below were stunning and breathtaking.   Scott's Trip 025 You had the feeling of great height and at times feared looking down into the abyss below.Scott's Trip 039 My rustic campsite set up on the canyon wall on night one.   Scott's Trip 041 A view of the green grove as I approached it descending into a canyon in search of water.  Scott's Trip 050Scott Hubbartt, late on Day Four